For Sale: OUTBOARD MOTOR (4HP / 2-Stroke)

Complete Equipment Schedule (Inventory)

1.  MAIN ITEM:                          Outboard Motor (described as)

1a.       Manufacturer:             Mercury

1b.       Model:                        Mariner ME4ML

1c.       Year Manufactured:    2002

1d.       Serial Number:            OT032276

2.  SUPPLEMENTARY ITEMS:         Tool Roll (consisting of items 2a through 2n)

2a.       Tool Roll (Plastic Wallet)

2b.       Pliers

2c.       Shifting Spanner 200mm

2d.       Spanner Open End 10mm / Ring 10mm

2e.       Spanner Open End 10mm / 12mm

2f.        Spanner Open End 8mm / 10mm

2g.       Spanner Open End 6mm / 8mm

2h.       Spanner, Tubular Box (Spark Plug), Large

2i.        Spanner, Tubular Box (Spark Plug), Small

2j.        Handle, Spanner, Tubular Box

2k.       Screw Driver, Flat Tip, 4mm x 150mm

2l.        Screw Driver, Flat Tip, 5mm x 185mm

2m.      Motor Rip Start Pull Cord

2n.       Spike, Wire

2o.       Spark Plug (B7HS) x 2

2p.       Abrasive Paper

3.         Additional Information

3a.       Prior Usage:    Used as motor for 8’ tender to PW Rosata on the Gold Coast until we sold the vessel in 2013.  It has seen no more than two hours running time usage, and has been stored undercover in Ipswich since 2013.

3b.       This is a low power 4HP 2-Stroke motor intended for SMALL vessels such as tenders and canoes/outriggers. It uses a marine 2-stroke fuel-oil mix of 50:1.

3c.       We are selling this motor as it is surplus to our needs.